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May 17th, 2013 | Posted by Nick Broutin in blog | Buying A Home | rent to own homes

my rent to ownMy Rent To Own House: A Dream Come True

Owning a house is a dream come true for many people. You can make that a reality with my rent to own house. It is a scheme where you choose your house and then go through the process of renting it first and owning it later. If you believe this is not possible, you don’t need to look far. Your next door neighbor probably bought his house through this type of scheme. With the home market full of unsold homes, this is the fastest way for sellers to sell and this scene is good for you.

It Is Advantageous

A deal like my rent to own house is very advantageous for you. For starters, you do not need to shell out money in most cases. In some instances, the seller may require you to put up an upfront fee but this type of fee is not a requirement. It all depends on the seller what he is willing to accept. In effect, you can move on to your new home with very little cash outlay. The usual term before you can have the option to buy is two years. So many things can happen in two years. Most have saved enough in two years to pay for the down payment. You can also do it.

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It Is Fast and Easy

Applying for a mortgage can be a long process. With my rent to own house, the process can be fast and easy. You can browse through online listings that are segregated by location and then you can start a choice. Normally, the basic requirements are shown on the listing. However, you can still make negotiations with the sellers. In most cases, the sellers will give in to your requests because he may be desperate to have someone sign a deal involving rent to own. Many sellers have had problems with people willing to rent due to the surplus of homes.

It Is Something With Options

Options are also available with my rent to own house. The options can be tailored to your specific circumstance. You can request for an option that the down payment be made only after the expiration of the rent to own agreement that is usually two years. You can also make a request that a one day delay in monthly rental payment will not be a reason to forfeit your rental premium which can be applied to the down payment later.

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